Princeton Research Day relies on volunteers to ensure participants, audience members and judges have a fun and enlightening day.  As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of an important event, and, perhaps, learn a thing or two.

Two ways to volunteer:

1. As Day-of-Event staff

  • Hang posters
  • Greeter, guide, floor-runner
  • Reception greeter
  • Judges' registration room staff
  • Volunteers room staff

2. As a Judge

Day-of-Event Staff Roles and Responsibilities

As a volunteer, you will be a public facing representative of Princeton Research Day and the University.  We ask everyone to be a helpful, positive, and good ambassador.  

  • Prior to Princeton Research Day, download Guidebook to review the PRD program (search for the Princeton Research Day Guide) and aid in directing attendees and answering questions.  
  • Arrive 10 minutes early.  Check in on day of event at Room 114 in the Frist Campus Center to get your nametag and volunteer T-shirt.  Know where you need to go next for your volunteer assignment.  
  • Know the location of bathrooms, elevators, and exits.  
  • Be a good ambassador of PRD and Princeton University.
  • Food will be provided for all volunteers during their shift in Frist 114.

A poster session presentation at Princeton Research Day 2019

A poster session presentation at Princeton Research Day 2019


Hang Posters

Hang presenter posters onto poster boards at designated locations on the 100 level of Frist. Mounting supplies (pins) will be provided. Diagrams of the space with specific locations for posters will be provided the morning of Princeton Research Day.

Registration/Information Tables

Welcome all presenters and hand out name tags at the 200-level table. Direct judges, chairs, volunteers, and Princeton Research Day team members to the appropriate room. Welcome all other attendees (no need to register or get a name tag). Answer general questions about the event, provide directions and fliers.

Greeter, Guide, Floor-Runner

Check in and help PRD Logistics Team. Be visible and welcoming as a source of information for attendees. Provide information and directions. You may be asked to take people or information between locations at Frist.

Reception Greeter

The reception is scheduled to take place in the Frist Multi-Purpose Room (B Level). Welcome presenters, judges, chairs, volunteers, and PRD team members to the reception. The reception is open to the public.  Answer questions from others as appropriate.

Judges' Registration Room Staff

Welcome the volunteer judges to Princeton Research Day, provide them with name tags, directions, and voting information (direct them to the Guidebook app with voting platform or to print materials, if they prefer to use them). Also, instruct them on where and when to return any print voting materials.

Volunteers Room Staff

Check in volunteers for their shift and point them to their designated area/role. Manage the flow of traffic in the volunteer room. Provide each volunteer with their nametag and T-shirt. Ensure the room is clean and organized, including managing food waste and arrival of food.

Sign Up to Volunteer

A link for volunteers to sign up will be available here in April 2020.

For Judges

Want to be a PRD judge? Watch this webinar for tips and tricks on judging presentations.