Preparing to submit your video

  • You've created your presentation and recorded your video, and now you're ready to upload. Find out what items you'll need to have at hand using the list below.
  • For questions about eligibility or what kinds of research and creative work can be presented, see the Welcome page.
  • For tips and resources on creating an effective and accessible 3-minute video, visit the Prepare page.

What you'll need to submit

  1. Presentation abstract/research summary (250 words max).
  2. Video about your research (3 minutes max). See a list of acceptable formats.
  3. Video recording release form, which you will download, fill out, and upload with your submission.
  4. List of technical keywords from your video, to assist with accurate transcription.
  5. High-resolution cover image we can use when posting your video on the PRD website (could be a still from your presentation, or a photo related to your research).
  6. High-resolution photo of yourself that can be displayed on the PRD website along with your video and research summary.
Check back for information on video submissions for 2022.


What comes next

We'll review your submission and get it ready for posting online on April 29, 2022. At that point, we'll publicize that the videos are available for viewing. From April 29 - May 3, our judges will evaluate the videos to determine the award winners. You'll be notified if your video receives an award, and select awardees will be invited to present their video online in person at #PRD Mainstage on May 5.

All are welcome to attend #PRD Mainstage. When registration opens, you can sign up to Attend.