Preparing to submit your video and poster

  • You've recorded your video (and created an optional poster), and now you're ready to upload. Find out what items you'll need to have at hand using the list below.
  • Presentation submissions are limited to one per presenter or co-presenter team.
  • For questions about eligibility or what kinds of research and creative work can be presented, see the Welcome page.
  • For tips and resources on creating an effective and accessible 3-minute video, visit the Tips for Crafting Your PRD Video page.
  • For information on creating your poster, see the Showcase page.

What you'll need to submit

  1. Presentation abstract/research summary (250 words max).
  2. Video about your research (3 minutes max). See a list of acceptable formats on the Recording Your Video page.
    1. Use the naming convention: Firstname_Lastname.avi (or other video file type)
  3. Poster about your research (optional and encouraged).
    1. Use the naming convention: Firstname_Lastname_Poster.jpg (or other file type)
  4. List of technical keywords from your video, to assist with accurate transcription.
  5. Presenter Title card for each member of the group for use on social media. 
  6. High-resolution photo of yourself that can be displayed on the PRD website along with your video and research summary.
    1. Use the naming convention: Firstname_Lastname_Photo.jpg (or other file type).


Thank you to everyone who submitted their PRD 2023 video submissions!

Our submission portal closed on May 3rd.


What comes next

We'll review your submission and get it ready for posting online on May 5. At that point, we'll publicize that the videos are available for viewing. Our judges will evaluate the videos to determine the award winners. You'll be notified if your video receives an award, and select awardees will be invited to present their video in person at the Showcase and attend the Awards Celebration on May 11, 2023.

All participants who create a poster are welcome to present it at the in-person Reception on May 11 at the Frist Campus Center. PRD will print presenters' posters free of charge and the posters will be for presenters to keep afterwards. The Reception is open to students, faculty and staff.

All (students, faculty, staff, family, friends, alumni, and the public) are welcome to attend the Showcase, Reception, and Awards Celebration. 

To register, go to the Attend page.