Who can present?

Princeton undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral and other early career researchers and scholars of any major or discipline can present at Princeton Research Day.

Why present?

  • Develop your ability to explain complex topics to general audiences
  • Get coaching on online presentation skills
  • Share your work with friends, family and colleagues inside and outside of your specialty
  • Become eligible for monetary awards
  • Bolster your resume/CV

What types of works can you present?

  • Seminar paper
  • Summer research internship project
  • Junior independent work
  • Senior thesis research
  • Dissertation project
  • Postdoctoral research
  • Creative work in the arts (includes short performances, readings, film and video screenings, exhibition of artwork)
  • More


  • Can present research conducted with a faculty member from an outside university
  • Can co-present with up to three other students or researchers, provided they submit the same video
  • Can present research that is in the early stages
    • If your research or creative work is not complete by the video submission deadline, consider making a video of your work in progress.
  • Are responsible for ensuring that their presentation will not endanger later publication or intellectual property filings, as Princeton Research Day is a public event. While we expect that participants will share their intention to present with their faculty advisers and supervisors, official approval from an adviser or supervisor is not required during the application process.

Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines will be posted soon.