Campus Resources

The University offers year-round support for undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other non- faculty researchers who wish to strengthen their command of the written and spoken word, their research and teaching practices, and their self-presentation and multimedia skills.

Digital Learning Lab

The Digital Learning Lab is a fully-staffed state-of-the-art multimedia maker space that supports courses with unconventional formats, innovative course assignments, and co-curricular digital learning components. Through one-on-one training and workshops, professional and student staff can help you plan and execute your 3-minute video for Princeton Research Day.

The DLL is located on the first floor of the Lewis Science Library. Please email us at [email protected] to schedule a time to meet. 

Princeton Writes

Princeton Writes helps both students and employees communicate more effectively in nonacademic contexts. Through workshops, one-on-one tutorials, and peer practice groups, Princeton Writes can help you present yourself and your research to a general audience in a clear, concise, and compelling way. For more information, please contact [email protected].

The Writing Center

The Writing Center offers Princeton writers free, one-on-one conferences with experienced fellow writers trained to respond to assignments in any discipline. The Writing Center welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students, as well as postdocs, working on papers, independent research projects, application essays, and oral presentations for class or professional presentations. Writing Fellows can help with any part of the writing process: brainstorming ideas, developing a thesis, structuring an argument, or revising a draft. The goal of each conference is to develop strategies that will encourage writers to become astute readers and critics of their own work. Although the Writing Center is not an editing or proofreading service, Fellows can help students learn techniques for improving sentences and checking mechanics.

To meet with a Writing Center Fellow, you can either make an appointment in advance or join our drop-in Writing Lab. As you’re preparing your Research Day video, come with whatever you've got—ideas, rough notes, or a draft of your script. We can also offer feedback on a “live” rehearsal of the video.