Join us next spring for Princeton Research Day 2021 (date to be announced). The event is free and open to the public.

  • Learn about and celebrate the research and creative work being done on campus
  • Cheer on your fellow students and researchers
  • Come away with new ideas for collaborations
  • Get thoughts on choosing your major


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Presentation Types

At Princeton Research Day research will be presented in a few different formats scheduled in sessions throughout the day:

  • Posters and visual exhibits take place in a gallery that provides an opportunity for attendees to learn about a variety of research projects by speaking directly with presenters.
  • Talks take place during concurrent sessions in the morning and afternoon, in small to mid-size venues where attendees will view 3-4 presentations per session on a broadly construed theme.
  • Mainstage presentations of the PRD Featured Talks cap the day with a session in front of a large audience.

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PRD Featured Talk*

*Upon acceptance for one of the above presentation types, a presenter may optionally apply to give a PRD Featured Talk.

Work that may be presented can include:

  • Seminar paper
  • Summer research internship
  • Junior project
  • Senior thesis
  • Dissertation project
  • Postdoctoral research
  • Creative work in the arts
  • And more

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2019 PRD Featured Talks

Rucha Alur '20, Probing the Link Between Locomotion and Courtship Song in Drosophila [11:11]

Jasmeene Burton '19, Slipping Through the Cracks: How Homeless Families Navigate School Choice in New York City [14:01]

Katja Stroke-Adolphe '20, Waking in the Coffin: Artistic Resurrection and Resistance of Prisoner Voices [14:33]

Eric Hayes '19, Mars VR: Reconstructing Interactive 3D Environments for Astronaut Training [14:03]