Awards 2017

Awards were given at the 2017 Princeton Research Day Reception for best presentations. In keeping with the interdisciplinary spirit of this campus-wide event, presenters were evaluated primarily on how effectively they communicated their research to an educated, non-specialist audience. Judges included freshman and sophomore students, as well as faculty and staff members and members of the community.

Consult the 2017 judging rubric for more information on how presentations were judged. 

All PRD attendees were invited to vote for their favorite presentations using the Princeton Research Day 2017 Guidebook platform. The Princeton Choice Awards were given to the presenters who received the highest and second-highest number of votes from across all presentation categories.

Award amounts range from $100 to $300. Award recipients also received a personalized award certificate signed by the University President, Provost, Dean of the College, Dean of the Faculty, Dean of the Graduate School and Dean for Research.

10-minute talk

Fan favorite: Akshay Mehra

Gold Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher/Other: Marc Mayes

Silver Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher/Other: Mary Nickel

Gold Undergraduate: Kyle Berlin

Silver Undergraduate: Austin Wang

90-second pitch

Gold: Katherine Lee

Silver: Vidushi Sharma

Poster presentations

Fan Favorite: Fernanda Sofio

Gold Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher/Other: Anat Etzion-Fuchs

Silver Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher/Other: Eric Teitelbaum

Gold Undergraduate (tie): Jennifer Lee

Gold Undergraduate (tie): Yanglu Chen

Silver Undergraduate (team): Amanda Blanco, Daniel Liu, Lillian Xu, Sofia Dimitriadoy, Thomas Graul, Yash Patel

Princeton Choice

Gold: Katie Simons

Silver: Katherine Giordano

See the Archive page for the 2016 winners.