Princeton Research Day 2018

Princeton Research Day 2018

Princeton Research Day is a celebration of the research and creative endeavors by our undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and other nonfaculty researchers.

The campuswide event serves as an opportunity for researchers and artists to share their work with the community and includes research from the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, the arts and humanities. The program features talks, posters, performances, art exhibitions, demonstrations, digital presentations and an awards ceremony for outstanding contributions. The event is free and open to the public.

Princeton Research Day is a collaborative initiative between the offices of the Dean of the College, the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean for Research, with support from the Office of the Provost.

Why participate?

  • Practice communicating about your research or creative work to a general audience.
  • Share your work and findings with people across the University.
  • Access professional development workshops on poster design and presentation skills.

Why attend?

  • Learn about and celebrate the research and creative work being done on campus.
  • Cheer on your fellow students and researchers.
  • Come away with new ideas for collaborations (for grad students and researchers) or thoughts on choosing your major (for first and second-year students).
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Princeton Research Day 2018 planning team:

Sponsor Team:

  • Karla Ewalt

  • Christine Murphy

  • Lisa Scalice

  • Pascale Poussart


Application and Program Development Team:

  • Team Leaders: Christine Murphy & Pascale Poussart

  • Sarah Budischak

  • Caitlin Charos

  • Nicolette D'Angelo

  • Natalia Ermolaev

  • Maura M. Fennessy

  • Liz Fuller-Wright

  • Saeed Khan

  • Arthur Kim

  • Maria Medvedeva

  • Natalya Rahman 

  • Kalyani Ranmath 

  • Keith Shaw 

  • Geneva Stein

  • Cheyenne Teng 

  • Trisha Throme 

  • Marvin Waterman

  • Amanda Irwin Wilkins


Participant Liaison Team:

  • Team Leader: Sarah Case

  • Sponsor Liaison: Pascale Poussart

  • Natalia Cordova

  • Sarah Schwarz

Communications and Marketing Team:

  • Team Leader: B. Rose Kelly

  • Sponsor Liaison: Karla Ewalt

  • Danielle Alio

  • Julia Cheung

  • Michael Hotchkiss

  • Christian Knoebel

  • Jessica Leontarakis

  • Kyle McKernan

  • Olivia Martel

  • Aaron Nathans

  • Min Pullan

  • Greta Shum

  • Barbara Valenza


Pre-Event Programming Team:

  • Team Leader: Amanda Irwin Wilkins

  • Sponsor Liaison: Pascale Poussart

  • Judith Swan

Awards and Recognition Team:

  • Team Leader: Geneva Stein

  • Sponsor Liaison: Karla Ewalt

  • Lisa Burke

  • Natalia Cordova

  • Virginia Davis

  • Jordan Dixon

  • Christine Hill

  • Lieve Monnens

  • Michael Olin

  • Amy Pszczolkowski

  • Erin Vearncombe

Strategic Initiatives Team:

  • Team Leader: Amy Pszczolkowski

Event Logistics Team:

  • Team Leader: Lisa Scalice

  • Sponsor Liaison: Lisa Scalice

  • Crystal Arrington

  • June Eige

  • Heather Evans

  • Tamara Thatcher

  • McCarty Maxwell

  • Vincent Stanley

  • Marguerite Vera

  • Elaine Willey

  • Lucy Weise

Technology Team:

  • Team Leader: Sorat Tungkasiri

  • Sponsor Liaison: Lisa Scalice

  • Harris Otubu

  • Evelyne Roach

  • Marvin Waterman

Event Assessment Team:

  • Team Leader: Christine Murphy

  • Sponsor Liaison: Christine Murphy & Lisa Scalice

  • Jonathan W. Stoessel