Join us in congratulating the winners of award categories at Princeton Research Day:

Gold Princeton Choice:  Lucas Nguyen

Silver Princeton Choice:  Kathy Zhao/Carey Camel/Emma Watkins


Gold Research Pitch:  Jasmin Imran Alsous

Silver Research Pitch:  Ian Lundberg


Gold Poster Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher:  Sang Beom Kim

Gold Poster Undergraduate:  Derek Xu

Silver Poster Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher:  Enrico Sassoni

Silver Poster Undergraduate:  Abdiel Santiago

Fan Favorite Poster:  Kaichen Gu


Gold Performance/Art:  Yuyang Fan

Silver Performance/Art:  Julia Peiperl

Fan Favorite Performance/Art:  Mark Miller/Janik Kiefer


Gold Research Talk Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher:  Allison Simi

Gold Research Talk Undergraduate:  Alison Campion

Silver Research Talk Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Researcher:  Nora Willet

Silver Research Talk Undergraduate:  Mairead Horton

Fan Favorite Research Talk:  Jonathan Balkind

Thank You

to the presenters and volunteers at Princeton Research Day!

Princeton Research Day was held May 5, 2016 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Frist Campus Center, Princeton University. A celebration of the research and creative endeavors by Princeton University undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers

Talks - Posters - Performances - Art Exhibitions - Digital Presentations

Natural Sciences                Social Sciences                Engineering                 Arts & Humanities

Princeton Research Day is free and open to the public. The event is a collaborative initiative between the offices of the Dean of the College, the Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean for Research. Please direct questions to


More about Princeton Research Day:

Princeton Research Day to celebrate research and creative work

Posted Dec. 1 2015 by Michael Hotchkiss

Quotes from University leaders about Princeton Research Day:
"Princeton Research Day provides a chance for undergraduate students to share their scholarship with the broader campus community."

-- Jill Dolan, dean of the college, the Annan Professor in English, and professor of English and theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts.



"For graduate students, this is an excellent professional development opportunity to hone presentation skills and to hear about interesting research from colleagues across campus."

-- Sanjeev Kulkarni, dean of the Graduate School and professor of electrical engineering,



"Princeton Research Day provides a fantastic opportunity to look into the future — to appreciate the work of talented Princetonians who will be at the forefront of research, scholarship and the arts in the decades to come. I would like to encourage postdocs, in particular, to participate."

-- Deborah Prentice, dean of the faculty and the Alexander Stewart 1886 Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs.



"The ability to reach across disciplines and communicate about one's research or creative work in everyday language can lead to new collaborations, new insights into the work, and new directions of inquiry."

-- Pablo Debenedetti, dean for research, Class of 1950 Professor in Engineering and Applied Science, and professor of chemical and biological engineering.


Talk Performance
Exhibition Poster session


Princeton Research Day highlights work from opera to plasma

Posted May 6, 2016; 02:30 p.m.

ICYMI Ten-minute talks from #PRD16 Frist 330 are archived here:

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